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Chiropractic care for children

By helping children to grow up aligned, have good posture, good digestion and immunity and a strong sense of self, we help to lay the foundations for a healthy future. It is like building a house, with a good solid foundation which will last for a long time, through all wind and weather.

Your child will have a thorough medical history taken and will be examined neurologically and orthopaedically. The examination aims to determine if spinal motion is normal or if any vertebral segments or cranial bones are locked or not functioning appropriately. The treatment usually consists of very gentle adjustments to the skeletal structure, muscles or viscera to restore normal movement and function of the body. Advice will usually be given concerning the child's posture, diet and nutrition.

Chiropractic is very gentle and safe and does not involve drugs or any other medical intervention. The aim is to establish homeostasis which is the body’s natural healing

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