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Chiropractic care during pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy aims to relieve the strains and stresses applied to your body as a result of the new life developing within your womb. As you may be aware this is an important time for your body, as it has to adapt to the increased weight and prepare for the forthcoming labour. This can often result in the development of low back, groin and leg pain, but also upper back, neck and ribcage discomfort. Occasionally the baby may compress the ribcage making breathing uncomfortable. Being pregnant also means that you are restricted in what medication you can choose, and Chiropractic offers a safe and gentle solution for these symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment can help maximize the stability and alignment of your pelvis, enhance self image and well-being during your pregnancy, and help prepare for labour and post-partum. However, the treatment not only helps to improve the function and alignment of your body during pregnancy, but also aims at providing a healthy environment in the womb, thus helping your baby adopt a better position prior to birth.

The chiropractic treatment is tailored for every stage of the pregnancy and the emphasis is on maternal comfort and foetal alignment. Chiropractors even care for women during labour and delivery, so there is no time restriction for how late you can receive care. You are recommended however you to see a chiropractor as early on in pregnancy as possible, because the sooner the function of your spine and pelvis is improved the better, both for your comfort but also the baby’

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